Private Equity

Private Equity

Investment Field:
Hummingbird Capital has an investment team of high quality and professional background, most members of which are highly experienced in equity investment, capital operation or Industrial business operation. We are dedicated to searching for appealing investment opportunities, and are looking forward to cooperating with outstanding enterprise teams to assist in their rapid progress. As a professional Chinese management corporation of RMB private equity investment, we are focusing on investment opportunities in various fields, mainly including:modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, consumer culture, medical treatment and health, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and TMT.

Investment Stages:

Investment Strategies:

Financial Due Diligence
Regarding the financial due diligence, extra emphasis is placed on research and analysis of authenticity, continuity of operation and compliance. During the investigation, financial professionals collect and organize financial information of the target enterprise, compare with and analyze the site situation, and then perform a comprehensive analytical judgment by considering both the talk with enterprise managers and site observation & casual inspection as well as by comparing with financial information provided by managers. Thus the decision-making committee may gain assistance In understanding the actual condition of the enterprise in assets and liabilities, internal controls and operation and management, fully revealing its financial risks or crisis, identifying key and major factors of financial risk, raising reasonable solutions or judging the strengthen of implementable controllability, forecasting prudently upon analysis of the profitability and cash flow of the enterprise, and finally providing risk control plans.。

Legal Due Diligence
Attorneys undertake the legal investigation against the target enterprise or issuer on legal Issues including the legality of its existence, its qualification, assets and liabilities, external security, important procurement and sales contracts, associated relationship, related-party transaction, tax payment, environmental protection assessment, labor relations & security and analysis of Its all-round historical development. Finally, a control plan against legal risks is prepared.

Comprehensive Analysis of Risks
Hummingbird performs with the investing team reasonable judgments of the investment value in the planned project based on collection of industrial information, third-party interview and research as well as on the information learned therefrom of its operation, Industry, standards, internal control and product market, and on risk point analysis. Then we jointly prepare and manage relevant working papers and thoroughly negotiate and communicate with other departments including the legal to determine a project investment plan as well as methods of solution and implementation, and then in the agreement framework specify the professional judgment and train of thought, and organize and participate in intermediary coordination meetings and at which harmonize other intermediaries.

Post-Investment Management and Review
We can assist in managing post-investment issues by reviewing invested projects and assessing their performance, as well as helping senior managers analyze problems in the projects to come up with solutions. Meanwhile, we together with third-party intermediaries provide the invested enterprises for some mature projects with counseling in tax planning and financial norms and advices in improving business process and tackling legal issues.

Regional Development and Cooperation
Hummingbird Capital now has established independent operational agencies in Beijing, Chongqing and Jiangsu, as well as offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and Shandong, digging deeply investment opportunities in the regions and assisting the Invested enterprises in business development.
Hummingbird is uniting some limited partners to jointly invest in projects, providing long-term financial support to our development.
In investment industry, we have embraced extensive networking and cooperative basis, and jointly invested with peers for all-win achievements.