• www.geron-china.com

    Geron Co., Ltd.Headquarters:Headquartered in: Jiangsu, China

    Geron was established in 2004 and incorporated by four subsidiaries of Geron-Card, Geron-Card (Baiyin), Geron-R&D and Huitong-Card as well as a steel-wire division, providing world customers with top-ranking textile equipment, special-shaped wire and wire produ...

  • www.ncpc.com.cn

    North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (NCPC)Headquarters:Headquartered in: Hebei, China

    NCPC is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in China, who, in its early days named North China Pharmaceutical Factory, was one of the key construction projects during Chinese First Five-Year Plan. In June 2009, approved by Hebei government, Jizhong Energy Gro...

  • www.hdhm.com

    Wuxi Huadong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (HDHM)Headquarters:Headquartered in: Jiangsu, China

    HDHM is a celebrated enterprise specializing in manufacturing of ports handling machines. It is engaged in specialized production for STS (Ship-to-shore container cranes), RMG (Rail-mounted container gantry cranes), RTG (Rubber-tyred container gantry cranes) an...

  • www.palm-la.com

    Palm Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd.Headquarters:Headquartered in: Guangzhou, China

    Founded in 1984, Palm Landscape Architecture has established four major business units of designing, construction, municipal engineering and nursery stock. it has operated business in over 100 Chinese cities, completed over 2,000 projects and access to over 200...

  • www.gcl-power.com

    Golden Concord Holdings Limited (GCL)Headquarters:Headquartered in: Hong Kong, China

    GCL is an energy group specializing in clean and alternative energy development, as well as China's largest non-state-owned power producer and the world's largest photovoltaic material manufacturer.