Culture and Values

Culture and Values

Our Vision:
Dedicating to grow up to a respectable management corporation of private equity investment fund in Great China

Our Targets:
Hummingbird is committed to closely cooperating with managers of the invested companies, and creating value from equity investment by our global resources and specialized knowledge in operation to help Chinese enterprises develop fast and to increase investors' wealth.

Our Aim:
Creating value from capital

Our Concepts:
Unity, harmony, inclusion and people-orientation

We Hummingbird people have always adhered to our enterprise cultures of integrity, professionalism, responsibility, high efficiency, innovation and commitment to excellence, as well as attentively set up a stage for our staff to realize their dreams, creating capable business and management teams. Everyone In Hummingbird is jointly struggling since he joined the family for a common goal. We are going to adhere to the core value of people-orientation and, by virtue of our professional team quality and rich experience in Investment management, provide our customers with superior service, achieving the target of all-win in resource integration.

We have persisted in the unique enterprise cultures and vales of Hummingbird Capital: Integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, courage to take responsibility, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence; we share success and encourage achievements together, as well as welcome rational advices and diversified talents.
Hummingbird Capital have respected and treated every member pursuant to the principles of equality and honesty, and tried hard to build a dream stage for every member. We promise to consider integrity as a standard for talents and permit no discrimination in the Hummingbird family regardless of staff's individual ability and personality. Everyone working here will feel joyful and fully respected at work.

Our Values:
As the cultural cornerstone of Hummingbird, our unique entrepreneurial culture and sense of ownership have been embodied in and implemented to all businesses. The values have been intensively comprehended and performed by the whole family, and have also become the basis of recruitment, job evaluation and rewards.

  • Integrity

    Everything we did was in conformity with the concept of integrity. We are always honestly keeping and delivering on our promises. As an aggressive enterprise, we are highly disciplined and have the courage to admit flaws and correct them by successively summarizing experience.

  • Professionalism

     We must focus on what we are good at, and we have stood firmly to say no to any opportunistic practice that may harm our customers and invested companies or destroy the value.

  • Responsibility

    We have the courage to take responsibilities for actions of and decisions made by our staff or the whole company. The company as well as its staff is required to be aggressive and have courage to take corresponding responsibility. The assets of investors are treated by us as ourselves', and our promises made to stakeholders and partners are performed.

  • High efficiency

     Good habits of work are required for our staff. Oriented by results, we have established different strategic teams to tackle different tasks, ensuring a most proper team to perform work in the most optimized methods.

  • Innovation

     We have kept to seek after innovation and capable to query the convention. Adhering to the enterprise cultures we relied to establish our business, we are proactive, optimistic and enterprising, as well as vigorously dedicated to work and making a stand against office warfare and bureaucracy.

  • Excellence:


Hummingbird Capital believes that these core values have forced our culture of creating remarkable performance for Investment partners and stakeholders, meanwhile have led our constant progress.

Enterprise Cultures:
Growing out of nothing (making impossibilities into possibilities);
Winning through innovation (improving market competitiveness by innovation);
Winning through integration (accelerating development via superior resource Integration in the era of boundary crossing);)
Cultivating ourselves of high morality and integrity, seeking success by honesty (making full use of talents with an open and tolerable heart)

Operation Philosophy:
Providing comprehensive capital solutions to create value for and share value with customers

Investment Philosophy:
Prudence: Making decisions prudently and carefully selecting qualified projects to lay foundation for investment success.
Flexibility: Designing projects flexibly and seizing each investment opportunity.
Vigorousness: Performing vigorously after-investment management, controlling strategic direction of projects and implanting more additional value.
Steadiness: Exiting investment steadily and locking in investors' yields to ensure beneficial fund circulation.

Business Philosophy:
We appreciate enterprising spirit of our staff, push them to gain sense of ownership and advocate business cultures of integrity, professionalism, high efficiency and all-win.