President’s Message

President’s Message

Since the establishment of Hummingbird Capital, we have kept to provide professional services, which have been highly recognized by Chinese industries and investors. We Hummingbird people are deeply grateful for the trust from various circles, and thus with our sincere dedication in work have continuously provide with professional services of best quality. As a capital operating company, we understand the significant influence of our service to social stability, and as an enterprise citizen, we have also focused on possible contribution to society as well as our social responsibilities, while pursuing professionalism, morality and good quality. In respect of this, we know that technical competition may lead to early performance, market competition may gain access to advantages in space, and capital competition may win strategic Initiative. We have ruminated on and absorbed the whole western theoretical framework, and then brought it out into real work of Chinese characteristics, hoping that we can fulfill an enterprise citizen's duty together with other Chinese industrial leaders.

However, we have also started to think to do more of our social responsibilities and for sustainable development. Regarding the social role played by capital operation, we plan to take these actions to strengthen our social practice:

‧Focusing on progress of business trend and new knowledge, leading the enterprise to an era of globalization and internationalization;

‧Assisting in industrial, operational and team upgrading of the business industry, building a fast track for enterprise development;

‧Dedicating to enhance the value in and the social responsibility of capital operation service, strengthening the quality of professional service;

‧Creating a vigorous and harmonious work environment, balancing between career success and happy life;

‧Fulfilling our social responsibilities, energetically participating in public affairs and activities of environmental protection.

Hummingbird Capital is striving forward to fulfill our social responsibilities, and by virtue of our participation is jointly promoting Chinese public concerns of social responsibility to create a sustainable homeland that attaching equal importance to economic growth, environmental protection and social care.