Our team


Wei Zuowz@chinaeok.com

Wei Zuo, the President of the Board of Hummingbird Capital, has 27 years of experiences in banking management, and once acted as a senior manager to many banks in Chongqing.In 2008, Mr. Zuo vacated his job at the bank and then joined in informal finance; he created two small loan companies which were rated as one of the first session of Top Ten Small Loan Companies in Chongqing, and is also the standing director of Chongqing Small Loan Committee. Under his leadership, Hummingbird Capital (Chongqing) successfully created and managed three RMB funds, equivalent to RMB 600 million Yuan; in 2013, it was rated as the most reliable equity investment agency in Chongqing. Mr. Zuo has degrees in EMBA of the School of Management of Xiamen University, as well as Master of Management and Bachelor of Economics of Chongqing University.

Wenxi Luowxl@chinaeok.com

Wenxi Luo, the Secretary of the Board of Hummingbird Capital and the managing partner of Chongqing Hummingbird Capital 3rd VC Partnership (Limited Partnership), once worked for a well-known investment organization, responsible for both investor relations management and project investment & operation that involves such sectors as biomedicine, e-commerce, O2O and on-line game. MS. Luo graduated from the School of Psychology of Southwest University, and has a master’s degree in applied psychology.

Xiaoguang Wangxgw@chinaeok.com

Xiaoguang Wang, the Strategic Consultant of Hummingbird Capital, once acted as the director and researcher of Economic Research Institute of State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) and Economical Operation & Development Research Office of Economic Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), and was transferred in the Decision-Making & Consultancy Department of Chinese Academy of Governance in 2009. Since 2000, Mr. Wang has presented the key project of NDRC Academy of Macroeconomic Research - Macro-economic Situation Tracking, Prediction and Countermeasures, and proposed real estate bubble theories in early 2003 that received favorable comments, proposed three important policy suggestions; additionally, he run and participated in a dozen projects entrusted by other ministries and commissions and locally planned that cover such domains as macro-economy, real estate, automobile, regional economy and urban development. Mr.Wang received a PhD in economics from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


Sendi Wangsdw@chinaeok.com

Sendi Wang, the Strategic Consultant of Hummingbird Capital, the President of Taiwan Dongfang Bioenerey Company and the Visiting Professor of National Chung Hsing University, is engaged in research and development for plant nutrition, pure botanical bio-pesticide and bio-organic fertilizer, especially with great attainments in R&D of neem tree, Melia azedarach, Melia toosendan and azadirachtin pure bio-fertilizer. The bio-pesticides and organic fertilizers, researched by the Taiwanese team led by Mr. Wang, have been successfully sold to America, Australia and Asian countries, and are widely applied by their agricultural administrations. Mr. Wang has a doctorate in agriculture from American Purlinton University.


Tao Lintl@chinaeok.com

Tao Lin, the Director of Hummingbird Capital, now serves in Asia Financial Cooperation Association (AFCA), in charge of medium, small & micro finance and Internet finance. He once worked in Fullerton Financial Holdings under Temasek Holdings, responsible for foreign business cooperation, and offered trainings on credit factory pattern, SME risk management & control and post-loan management, etc. to nationalized banks, joint-stock banks and government departments; was hired by several financial institutions as a senior consultant and guest lecturer; has independent reflections and judgment on financial industry and medium, small & micro business, and has innovative ideas on SME business risk management & control and post-loan management outsourcing service.


Rumin Wangrmw@chinaeok.com

Rumin Wang, the Strategic Consultant of Hummingbird Capital, once held leadership roles in the Wealth Management Department of Yuanta Commercial Bank and Taishin International Bank, and won several outstanding leadership awards; he is the wealth management project consultant for cross-strait financing institutions and experienced in wealth management and asset allocation; he was found in the financial expert column of Money Magazine and Commercial Times for many times and is also author of the Study on Customer Satisfaction to Bank Wealth Management (National Central Library (Taiwan)). Mr. Wang was certified as Registered Financial Planner (USA).


Shilin Zhouslz@chinaeok.com

Shilin Zhou, the Director of Hummingbird Capital, once held a senior position at well-known private banks and has many years of experiences in wealth management; he was invited to give special lectures on wealth management by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of Communications etc., all of which were well-reputed. Mr. Zhou is now the Vice President of Sichuan Provincial Talent Institute, the Director of Sichuan Provincial Investment and Financing Association, the Vice President of China Europe International Xinsiwei Finance Institute, the Visiting Professor of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and the Distinguished Professor of China Marketing Institute. He graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics with a major in economic management, and owns Registered Financial Planner (USA) and Certified Financial Planner (China) certificates.


Yu Chenych@chinaeok.com

Yu Chen, the Director of Hummingbird Capital, once worked in bank credit departments for more than 10 years, conductive to understanding deeply macro-economy, Internet finance and small & micro finance. Since 2006, he has written more than 100 financial review articles, among which the articles about financial reform were included in national internal references; and he also worked for several economic newspapers and magazines as a special reviewer and analyst. Mr. Chen created Dehong Asset Management Limited Company in March 2010, and was rated by Zero2IPO Group as one of Top 50 Private Equity Investment Institutions (domestic) in China in 2012. Mr. Chen graduated from China Institute of Finance (incorporated into the University of International Business and Economics in 2002) directly subordinate to the People's Bank of China.


Fujian Lifjl@chinaeok.com

Fujian Li, the Director of Hummingbird Capital and the Principal Partner of Sichuan Fa’ao Law Firm, once acted as the legal adviser of several well-known institutions including Chongqing Jiulong Electric Power Co., Ltd., Sichuan Provincial Press Office, Chengdu Electric Power Bureau and Southwest Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd.; and he is skilled in enterprise merger and assets reorganization. Mr. Li is deeply interested in literary creation, and published many proses, essays and novels, etc. He graduated from Southwest China Normal University and Southwest University of Political Science & Law, with BA in both law and Chinese.