Project recommend

Project recommend

Hummingbird Capital is glad to participate in your start-up business, please email your Business Plan as per the format below to and tell us the information you think may be disclosed to and valuable for investors.

  • Business Plans

    Company Profile

    Background, historical development, main products/service, status of business development, milestones or events of the enterprise (making readers get a preliminary understanding of enterprise's key information)

    Market Analysis

    Market segmentations and positioning, customer buying characters and key buying factors, market size and growth rate, etc.

    Product (Service)

    Core technologies, R&D strategies for product, etc.

    Marketing Strategy

    Product strategies of price, channel, marketing, etc.

    Competition Analysis

    Analysis of the industry, major competitors at home and abroad, enterprise itself and competition strategies

    Business Model

    Value orientation analysis (What kind of use value are you bringing to customers? What key needs of them are you addressing?), analysis of industrial vale chain (analyzing according to the features of the industry), orientation and combination of value chain (Which links do you choose and how do you combine them?), revenue mode analysis, etc.

    Business Development

    Achievements in technological/product R&D as well as in market expansion

    Ownership Structure

    Ownership structure of enterprise, equity alterations, shareholders' background, evaluation of shareholders, etc.

    Governance Structure

    Structure of the boards of shareholders and directors as well as their operation condition, evaluation of the boards by the manager, etc.

    Management Team

    CV of principle members of the management team and evaluation of the members

    Organizational Structure

    Organizational structure, functional divisions, basic condition and evaluation of corporate's organization and functions

    Strategic Plans

    Enterprise's aims, missions, values, core ideology, short/mid/long-term development purposes, development strategies and Implementation steps, operational plans in three years, etc.

    Financing Plans

    Financing scale, percentage of equity for transfer, capital using plan, exiting plan for investors, etc.

    Financial Analysis

    Historical financial statements, three-year financial forecasting, corporate value evaluation, earning forecasting for investors, etc

    Risk Analysis

    Risks in and of market, product/technology, operation, management, finance, etc.

    Other Information

    Information regarded by start-ups as necessary to be disclosed to and valuable for investors