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"Huiyuan Charity" Initiated and Established by Hummingbird C

On August 7, 2014, "Huiyuan Charity", a non-profit private charity, was established in Chongqing, sponsored by Hummingbird Capital and cosponsored by companies of Chongqing Mingsheng Advertising, Hongxin Investment Management, Shangyue Counseling Center and Bozhi Law Firm. Everyone sat around in the evening to give counsel to develop the public good, and was affected and tied together by kindness.

The charity is energetically practicing the spirit of charity, dedicating to enhance public good by integration of individual strength, and encouraging donations. Meanwhile, donation is regulated to protect legal interests of donors, donees and beneficiaries. The donated will be applied in four purposes: relief of disasters and poverty, help to the social groups in difficulty, such as the disabled; education, science, culture, healthcare and sports; environmental protection, construction of public utilities; accelerating development of society as well as public good and welfare service.

The building of Huiyuan was inspired by a talk between president of Hummingbird and his like-minded friends, who had a dynamic conversation about charity and finally reached consensus of cosponsoring a charity.