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Hummingbird Capital Officially Becoming a Private Fund Manag

The Asset Management Association of China has recently publicized the latest list of recorded "private fund managers". Hummingbird Capital was approved by the Association on June 27, 2014, officially becoming a registered and recorded private equity fund manager.

Hummingbird Capital is a Chinese professional corporation specializing in the management of private equity investment and aiming at promoting rapid progress of Chinese enterprises. Our investment strategy is to participate to the greatest extent in the management of Invested companies, and make unremitting efforts on the basis of collective intelligence to help them realize their business goals. The primary investment field of us has covered strategic emerging industries, including biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy and new material, and industries relating to industrial transformation and consumption upgrade.

Hummingbird has, since its establishment, always persisted in the principle of "Steady Investment", and has built and implemented a scientific and complete risk control system. It has steadily operated in accordance with laws and regulations and managed strictly pursuant to standards. The filing this time marks further recognition and approval from the supervision department that added to the current wide market recognition.

CSRC has in this year authorized the Association to register and record fund managers, and has for the first time explicitly included private fund into unified supervision. this is believed to highly facilitate the healthy and standardized development of the business.