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Hummingbird Capital (Chongqing) Awarded Second Place in "Cho

"Chongqing Best 10 Trusted Private Equity Management Companies” is one of the serial selections named "Best of Chongqing", which is sponsored by Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group to answer the central authority's call of "Beautiful China" and to build a beautiful Chongqing. The selection has aroused extensive concerns and praises from the society. The criteria of selection are a combination of various voting and expert review, aiming for electing the most popular investment fund companies in Chongqing.

Upon network voting and expert jury grading during the selection, Hummingbird Capital was finally awarded the second place by 107 thousand votes, which was an encouragement and support for all Hummingbird people. Meanwhile, we are glad to congratulate other selected fund companies. By the end of this year, the selected list may be referred to in the Best of Chongqing, a book openly published by media of the Newspaper Group.